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Fri Jul 11 10:28:44 PDT 2014

Jan-Marek Glogowski wrote
> Times are:
>  500 |  3:20
>  750 |  8:10
> 1000 | 17:15
> 1500 | 56:50
> 1750 | 92:20

Back in the days (LO 3.5.6) we had the same problem using the xls file as
data source. It took xx minutes every time to get few docs generated from
the list. All ended when instead of using Wizard directly we used File>Print
approach. Generating few files was pretty much instant and the interface is
better to use by our users than the Wizard (select records, save to file,
select naming etc.). 
I checked your files from the bug and on my slow disk laptop writing
directly to separate odt files per each record took (using 4.3.0RC1):
- 500 files - ~3:00
- 1000 - ~10:00
- 1500 - ~17:00
and so on... All this is at constant 1000 files in 10 minutes ratio.
System is responsive, LO only at 20% of CPU (i5). Speed is 2 files per
second, but I have low disk write speed. Unfortunately counter tends to got
stuck sometimes (you have to move the windows few times).
Selecting direct printing took:
- 1000 records - 4:00
and so on... All this is at constant 1000 records in 4 minutes ratio.
Speed is x(x) records per second.
Luckily we discovered this method before former Office users demanded to be
back with Microsoft instead of LibreOffice. As they wanted to print only few
files per batch, we saved the day. No complaints since then...
All in all - still slow if you generate xxx(x) records/files, but definitely
faster that the Wizard.
Best regards.

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