[GSoC] Chained Text Boxes in Draw - Report 13/07/2014

Matteo Campanelli matteo.campanelli at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 01:23:15 PDT 2014

Hi all,
on last week:
- managed to truncate arbitrary portion of text in a box;
- formulated a general model of what the flow should look like:

a) editeng (ImpEditEngine::FormatDoc?) realizes there is an overflow in
text box with a successor;
b) [still editeng] the overflowing point in the overflowing text portion
 (possibly empty) is marked;
c) [svx] the first part of the overflowing portion is rendered, the rest of
it is sent to the successor text box in the chain. Both this second part of
the first overflowing portion as well as all the remaining following
overflowing portions are sent back to editeng for new layouting.

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