How to solve the make error in building the libreoffice source on Windows?

Zhen Anddavid zhenanddavid at
Wed Jul 16 07:47:06 PDT 2014

Hi, All

I'm trying to build the LibreOffice source on Windows 7 and Visual
Studio 2012.
But while building, I encountered the error.
The error follows as below.

[build DEP] LNK:StaticLibrary/wrapper.lib
[build CXX] solenv/gcc-wrappers/gcc.cxx
[build DEP] LNK:StaticLibrary/wrapper.lib
[build LNK] StaticLibrary/wrapper.lib
[build CXX] solenv/gcc-wrappers/g++.cxx
[build PAT] openssl
assertion "ap <= end" failed: file "runbuiltin.c", line 96, function:
make: *** [build] Aborted (core dumped)

I built make file by using the "make-3.82-gbuild" source patched for
        cd $(SRC_ROOT)\Tools\dev-tools\make-3.82-gbuild
        cp make.exe /usr/bin

I can't know the reason.
Please help me. Thanks.

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