[ANN] Windows builds no longer horribly slow

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Fri Jul 18 07:11:44 PDT 2014

On 16/07/14 13:47, Adam Fyne wrote:
> Hi Michael,
>       This looks amazing! Last time I built for Windows was ~16 months
> ago ...
> It was a horrible mess of dependencies installations in Cygwin & really
> really
> slow process.
>       Does this change anything ? Or do I still need Cygwin + all the
> dependencies
> in order to build it on Windows?

i'm afraid for installing things it won't change anything, your build
will just be faster once you're done installing things :)

probably the main roadblock here is legal, since we can't just make a
Windows VM image with everything pre-installed available for download,
for obvious reasons.

we could bundle together the requirements that we are allowed to
re-distribute in a zip file for downloading, but bundling Cygwin in this
way is likely not a good idea, and other than that there are just make,
ant and junit, so not much benefit...

>       I saw an awesome project to help create a Visual-Studio 2013
> project, but I
> am guessing that's just for editing & symbols, not for building nativly
> on Windows,
> right ?

i haven't used the IDE generation stuff myself, i think you can also
build with that but guess it will just be a button that invokes make to
do the actual build.

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