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Re bug #76565

One obvious use for the input field is for serial or identification numbers
that must be printed on several different forms or several times in one page,
information that is often provided from another electronic source and which is
extremely prone to human error if manually retyped instead of copied.

The current implementation breaks the ability to paste this kind of information
into a template that was designed around the old method.

The entire interface is currently designed to make the user think that whatever
they need to do to edit an input field should be done by clicking and then
inserting the information and not by using a non-obvious keyboard shortcut
(Ctrl-F9) or going into the variables menu in a manner that defeats the entire
purpose of an "input" field.

We're talking about a difference of maybe 1-3 seconds for the old
implementation versus 10-20 seconds for each field that requires pasted data.
When you're dealing with dozens of these fields in an office full of
distractions and urgent interruptions (the kind where you must open up a new
document and work on something else, meaning you lose your place in what you
were doing before) this adds up to significant loss of productivity.

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