export of Calc functions to OOXML

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Thu Jul 31 03:50:46 PDT 2014

Hi Eike,

(re-introducing the mailing list I left out in my previous reply)

>> FormulaGrammar::isOOXML( meGrammar ) only returns true when saving as 
>> OOXML, and FormulaGrammar::isODFF( meGrammar ) only returns true when saving as ODFF.
>> Is that correct?
> Yes, that's correct. Also note that ODFF means ODF 1.2 or later, as the OpenFormula definition exists since ODF 1.2, and
> FormulaGrammar::isPODF(meGrammar) returns true for the non-ODFF ODF 1.1 or earlier and the pre-ODF XML format used in OOo1.x

Great, I can get on now :-)

>> If so, then I intend to create a child class MissingConventionOOXML 
>> (and a child class RenameMissingConventionODF)
> I guess that was a typo and should had been MissingConventionODF instead?

Yes, you are correct.

>> with parent class
>> MissingConvention (which will contain no ODF or OOXML specific code).


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