Quantifying the time overhead of Cygwin make

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Tue Jun 10 06:18:21 PDT 2014


On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 02:21:04PM +0200, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> On 06/10/2014 01:36 PM, Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:
> >OTOH, as said above, some of those might just end up in external/ then (or
> >already are) ...
> ...except for those needed by external itself (into which category
> probably falls wget)

I thought we had an Easy Hack for that (a la "make a click through Wizard that
installs all build deps on Windows"), but all I found was:


if not, "someone"(1) should recreate such a easy hack -- installing deps on
Windows is easier than it used to be, but far from being a painfree for a



(1) being able to mentor on Windows

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