Introduction + New Idea for GSoc 2014

Tharindu Lakmal tmtlakmal at
Mon Mar 3 07:50:21 PST 2014

I'm Lakmal Muthugama a Computer Science and Engineering student from
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I would like to participate for Google
Summer of Code this year under a project in LibreOffice.

Before I work under any of the projects in the given list I would like to
suggest an idea. I did some experimental code on the topic also.

Adding computational power to LibreOffice using existing mathematical
I experimented a LibreOffice plugin using python to access Wolfram web
services to get solutions for the equations that we're typing. My
suggestion to have a similar plugin to get the service from Sympy Live . It
is possible since it uses Json calls.

1. This will be helpful for those who are building mathematical tutorials
2. Can use to add more functions to calc etc. (Integration, differentiation

An adapter can be written between libremath expressions and sympy

Could  you please tell me the possibility of continuing with the idea.

*Lakmal Muthugama,*
*Department of Computer Science and Engineering,*
*University of Moratuwa,*
*Sri Lanka.*
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