[Bug 70414] create VSProject files for code editing in MSVS from gbuild

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Tue Mar 4 06:00:24 PST 2014


--- Comment #16 from vvort at yandex.ru ---
Hello all!

When I try to execute /opt/lo/bin/make vs2012-ide-integration
, I am getting strange error:

Vort at Vort-PC /cygdrive/e/_Projects/libreoffice-build
$ /opt/lo/bin/make vs2012-ide-integration
cd E:/_Projects/libreoffice-core && (LC_MESSAGES=C /opt/lo/bin/make
cmd="/opt/lo/bin/make -npf Makefile.gbuild all" cmd || true) |
E:/_Projects/libreoffice-core/bin/gbuild-to-ide --ide vs2012
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `cmd'.  Stop.
Solution LibreOffice:

What I need to do to fix this?

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