Current Build from Git: Writer-Wizards don't run

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbf.faure at
Thu Mar 6 04:24:24 PST 2014

Hi Stephan,

Le 06/03/2014 12:39, Stephan Bergmann a écrit :
> On 03/05/2014 08:28 AM, Jean-Baptiste Faure wrote:
>> It almost works for me this morning with Version:
>> Build ID: 0b2637dda47690da69f748119081151f41fe4133
>> Only the "documents converter" wizard does not start, all others start
>> as expected. It starts as expected in LO
> ..."does not start" meaning that "File - Wizards - Document
> Converter..." does nothing, not even open the "Document Converter"
> dialog?  

Yes. Even with a clean new user profile "File - Wizards - Document
Converter..." does nothing for me.
No error message in the terminal.
Will try a very complete rebuild next night (make distclean instead of
make clean).

Best regards.
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