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Sun Mar 9 09:41:16 PDT 2014

Hi, I am Sujay. i had already given my intro previously stating my interest
regarding the GSOC idea LibreOffice Appliances. Here it is again..

I am student pursuing my under graduation in Computer Science and
Engineering in Bangalore, India..
Programming Languages: C,C++,JAVA,Python.
Interests: Linux kernel, image processing and working with huge codes..

I joined the community 2 months back, and have worked on two easy hacks
Easy Hack 42788 and Easy Hack 64290.. First didn't go well but I managed to
complete the second one and have submitted the patch to gerrit..

The previous idea i wanted to work on was dropped because of lack of
mentors, but i felt that this (Follow-me slideshow) is a bit similar to
that and is also an extended version of it.. So i thought it would help me
hack the first one on my own.

In the above project, the first part is that, we have to make a listener
application for the incoming requests and then take action accordingly..
And basically almost all the actions are probably defined in the Android
Impress Remote if i am not mistaken.. So the second part wont be a big
issue, i think.

Well the thing is, in the ideas page it was given that this is a hard
project.. But the project did not intimidate me, so am i wrong about the
project, and would I be guided or mentored for this project?

Thank you.
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