Hi-DPI patches for 4.2

Keith Curtis keithcu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 12:32:09 PDT 2014

Well, the rabbit hole gets deeper. Norbert, it now seems to me that there
isn't something wrong with your build, but with your OS!?!

Here is a screenshot of the current released build on Retina for comparison: 

It generally looks fine, and doesn't need improvements. In it, you can see
that the Calc gridlines are two pixels wide as expected because of the app
scaling. (For comparison, on Linux, they are always one pixel wide which is
perhaps not ideal but looks okay.) 

However, the gridlines are effectively the same width as yours. But look at
the close buttons. I've zoomed in both to make it clearer. The one on the
left is from the screenshot above, and the one on the right is from your
screenshot last night. 


It seems as if all of Norbert's pixels are doubled. How does this relate to
the compatibility mode and DPI scale factor? I don't know WTF is going on
and it is time-consuming without any hardware to try things. It seems there
are possibly two problems on Norbert's machine.

If the OS really gives the wrong DPI even in compatibility mode, which
doesn't seem correct but is of course possible, then the simplest way
disable these patches on the Mac is to just force mnDPIScaleFactor to 1. In
that case, these patches would behave as it does on 4.2.1. This can be done
with 2 #ifndefs in window.cxx and should achieve a similar result as
disabling the bitmap doubling all over the place. Norbert, can you try that?

Mac doesn't need this code as much as Win / Linux so there needs a simple
way to decouple them. I was quite certain when Norbert had sent out his
first mail to this thread saying there were problems with these patches that
he had forgotten about what happens in compatibility mode is on -- because
he'd been spending all of his time working with the "off" case. But I never
imagined it would be this complicated. It would be nice to have these
patches not held up by the Mac as they are right now.


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