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Anup Rai anuprai11894 at
Wed Mar 12 02:23:27 PDT 2014

I am a second year Btech student from DAIICT India.I am trying to hack
libre office - Impress for last few months.I have built the source and am
trying to follow the code .I was getting my hands on this bug : .

But then it was resolved. Currently I am trying to get my hands into some
other bugs.

I am really interested in Libre Imress as i really like it and its
something on which one can implement really good ideas.

I am working on c++ for last 5 years and feel comfortable with it. I also
liked the ideas of GSOC-2014
*Rework Impress slideshow to use DrawingLayer primitives  *and

*SmartArt editing in Impress*
I would like to work in that direction. Can anyone please give me some
feedback about what should I do now .

Thank You

Anup Rai
irc : anup11894
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