OfficeMenuBar no longer takes private menu's in StartModule

Fernand Vanrie sos at
Thu Mar 13 14:07:40 PDT 2014

With  4.2 (Windows)

Private Extensions menu's are no longer visible in the StartModule
Private Toolbars are still visible in the StartModule

<node oor:name="OfficeMenuBar">
             <node oor:name="MyPrivateMenu.OfficeMenuBar" oor:op="replace">
                 <prop oor:name="Context" oor:type="xs:string"> 

this menu shows in the different modules but 
"" is sillently ignored

<node oor:name="MyPrivate Toolbar.OfficeToolBar" oor:op="replace">
                 <node oor:name="m001" oor:op="replace">
                     <prop oor:name="Context" oor:type="xs:string"> 

here the Menubar is showed in the startModule

is it forbidden to show private Menu's in the start Module ?

Thanks for any hint

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