spadmin, fax machines, etc. is this still useful ?

Caolán McNamara caolanm at
Fri Mar 14 03:45:15 PDT 2014

On (non-MacOSX) unix we have "spadmin" the printer administration tool. 

Over the years the amount of stuff it does has been reduced, e.g. it no
longer admins fonts, that's done through fontconfig now. It now no
longer provides a font-substitution tab page as that's redundant
functionality now. It now no longer provides a route to migrate your
archaic StarOffice printer configuration to the current one.

So what's left:
a) you can "connect a fax device"
b) you can "connect a PDF converter"
c) you can "add a printer"
d) you can disable cups support

I would like to simplify the situation to "we use cups" and remove
spadmin and all its many associated dialogs and tabpages in favor of the
system printer management software. So the question is if any part of
spadmin is still useful? Is there anyone still configuring fax machines
or using the other options there, and if so for what purpose ?

The last time I tried to get rid of spadmin (in 2004) in Fedora there
was push back because there were still people using fax machines. 10
years later, is this still the case ? If this is still a relevant use
case then I can invest a little time in examining the fax-cups options
out there and figure out how to correctly send the destination phone
number to them and recommend that as the new fax support mechanism.


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