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>  Hi,
> we are using CppUnit Framework to test gas analyser which are safety
> relevant products. For the certification of the product, we have to do the
> following:
>    1. show the specification and the documentation of the all the tools
>    used. That means also for the test tools (CppUnit Framework).
>    2. Prove that that the test tool fulfills its specification
> I have the following questions:
>    1. Is there any specification or detailed documentation available?
>    2. Is there a proof of fulfilling the specification available?
So the most up-to-date documentation is at
http://people.freedesktop.org/~mmohrhard/cppunit/ which contains all my
fixes for documentation errors. However there is no formal specification
for cppunit except for this automatically generated documentation based on
the doxygen comments in the code.

As there is no formal specification we can of course not prof that we
fulfill it. We have a number of automated tests in examples/cppunittest
that you can execute and that test most features and make sure that they
are working correctly. I'm not sure if the VisualStudio project file in the
directory is still working but I execute the tests at least during
packaging on Linux.

Help in improving the documentation is of course highly appreciated.

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