[Bug 75757] remove inheritance to std::map and std::vector

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--- Comment #6 from Jan Holesovsky <kendy at collabora.com> ---
As I have just talked to other guy that was a bit confused here; let me
describe the task more thoroughly :-)

First - what is bad about inheriting from the container.  It is that that way,
you are exposing much more functionality that would be necessary in this case;
like all the container functionality that might be misused to overcome the API
that is intended here.

So for the PropertyMap, as an example:

You want to remove the inheriting from _PropertyMap, and instead provide a

_PropertyMap m_aPropMap;

private member variable.

Then change all the find(), begin(), end() etc. to m_aPropMap->find(),
m_aPropMap->begin(), m_aPropMap->end() so that the container methods are not
exposed in any way, and the GetPropertyValues() and Insert() methods are the
only way how to access the internal structure(s).

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