Creating new .dic and .aff files for alternative spelling

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Thu Mar 20 06:47:59 PDT 2014

Hi Jørgen,

Jørgen G. Bosoni wrote
> is it possible to define an alternative spelling for a language that has
> undergone a spelling reform, so that users can choose between "old" and
> "new" spelling, even though the language and land codes are identical?

ATM there is no way to select a dictionary according to such preferences.
You can only assign one dictionary to a locale. 

So the only way is to have several dictionaries and  to modify the
dictionary URL in the registry of LO. You can find the code to do so in this
This extension allows users to switch between 4 dictionaries in menu Tools >
Language > French spelling dictionaries…

The drawback is LO has to be closed and relaunched to apply the


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