[Bug 67350] sanity check utility for help ids

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--- Comment #26 from Mat M <matm at gmx.fr> ---
(In reply to comment #25)
> A question though, why checkout the git repositories as part of the script
> rather than operate on a pre-existing one ? I mean what about moving from
> devtools into core/bin and make it operate on the current repository ? That
> could enable allowing us to run it during e.g. make check when help is
> checked out so we would be continuously checking for failures.

You have the --core-repo-dir option to work on local LO repo. Since I did not
manage to work in the submodule tree of helpcontent2, I need a help repo (which
I initialized as bare, to save space).
I put it in dev-tools, because it is hard to define which script should go into

So I can make a patch to core to publish the script, with a default libreoffice
core repository as ..

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