ship Maven meta information to ease creation of LO plugins with Maven

Sebastian Humenda shumenda at
Mon Mar 31 12:46:38 PDT 2014


to build software with Maven, you have to provide meta information (a pom.xml)
to each jar, which is a dependency of your software. In turn, the build system
Maven with automatically figure out which jar to fetch from where and in which
version. To simplify the creation of Java dependencies for LO and to ease also the
packaging of LO extension in Debian/Ubuntu, it would be of much help, if you
could ship those pom.xml for this use case with the source. This meta
information is easy and quick to generate and the only maintenance overhead is
the version number increase at each LO release. You don't need to also use Maven
for building LO, you just have to ship one pom.xml for one jar file.

Not only Debian/Ubuntu would benefit from this little adjustment, also other
projects could use the provided meta information. It would be of course even
greater to have the shipped jar files together with the meta information in a
online repository, whereas this is not as important as the first issue. Such a
repository existed for OpenOffice before they moved to Apache (see

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