[Bug 34555] Make cropping handles for images (as in Draw/Impress) available for all LibreOffice applications

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--- Comment #40 from Tim Deaton <tim at timdeaton.org> ---
Issue 61991 is only partially a duplicate of this one.  This issue has dealt
exclusively with adding a cropping tool to Writer.  Issue 61991 (and 74099,
which I created and which was marked as a duplicate of 61991) deal with that
AND with adding the same capability to Calc. 

Because of that, and because of Bjorn's comment (in 61991) about "writing a
short rationale", I decided to copy my statement from issue 74099 below.

--- copied from 74099 & 61991 ---
I have long found that when I need to print something from the computer screen,
the easiest way to do it was to hit PrintScreen, then paste it into an Excel
spreadsheet, then crop and resize it till I have what I want.  For instance, I
frequently want to crop & overlay two Google Maps screenshots so they fit
together.  Or save an entire year of cropped screenshots of payroll tax
confirmation screens on the same spreadsheet page.  (For me, Excel does these
things far more easily than Word or Paint.)

For years I've occasionally tried the same thing using first OpenOffice Calc
3.x and now LibreOffice 4.0.x, and found that it is much more difficult.  Calc
brings up a window with measurements you can change, and its own small snapshot
of the graphic that shows where you are moving the borders to.  It works, but
it is hard to get it just right.  You cannot see it well, and must repeatedly
invoke the tool, change the measurements, and quit the tool to see what you've
really got.  It takes several iterations to get it where you want it.

Excel's cropping tool (at least as far back as Excel 97) allows the mouse to
grab the handles on the graphic's edges and drag them where you want them,
which is far easier both to see and to do.

PLEASE add a mouse tool that can be used directly on the image in the
spreadsheet.  The cropping icon could still bring up the window (for those who
prefer it), and then a button in that window could replace the window with the
mouse tool.
--- end of copy ---


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