[Bug 67763] date & time controls: fractional seconds, timezone support, duration, interval

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Sat May 3 06:04:48 PDT 2014


--- Comment #9 from Marcel Adriani <adrianimarcel at gmail.com> ---
Working on:
2. Dedicated "time" and "date" fields, but no single "timestamp"
   control. In base (forms), splitting a datetime into its date and
   time components works (there is special support code for that; each
   control will "touch" only its part of the timestamp).
I discovered that the time-format mask comes from the i18n language .XML, which
gets abstacted in offapi/com/sun/star/i18n/NumberFormatIndex.idl. This is
implemented in such a way that changing it (for instance to make room for
time-masks with micro- milli- and nanosecond precision) is virtually
impossible. I am going to let that rest for now, and work on a proposal to make
the way the language files are abstacted more flexible.

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