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Mon May 5 00:07:39 PDT 2014

On 04/25/2014 11:06 PM, julien2412 [via Document Foundation Mail 
Archive] wrote:
> I've begun to replace some parts and had this when I've changed this:
> else if ( pType == ::getCppuType((const sal_uInt16*)0) )
> into this:
> else if ( pType == cppu::UnoType<const sal_uInt16>::get() )

That's the problem with getCppuType, that sal_uInt16 (representing UNO 
UNSIGNED SHORT) and sal_Unicode (representing UNO CHAR) can be typedefs 
for one and the same type, so getCppuType arbitrarily has to decide for 
one of those.

With cppu::UnoType, instead use cppu::UnoUnsignedShortType and 
cppu::UnoCharType as template arguments, respectively.  (And do get rid 
of the useless "const" in the template arguments.)


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