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Laurent BP jumbo4444 at
Tue May 13 12:40:43 PDT 2014


Bryan Quigley-2 wrote
> 1.  Remove all of the " 1.0" file formats.

It has been implemented by commit aeeaccf59abbc485d7786486f1accc1cb4d4dbf7

However, one drawback is that in Writer, autotext "Formula Numbering" is
broken since LibO 4.2.4, see fdo#78159

A solution would be to rewrite autotext FN in all localization to use more
recent ODF format. But it takes time, and I proposed a quick solution for
LibO 4.2, is to revert EXPORT for Math ODF 1.0 only, as in commit 93139

What do you think?

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