Need info on sd/source/ui/accessibility.po for l10n

Sophie gautier.sophie at
Wed May 14 09:47:32 PDT 2014

Hi Caolán
Le 13/05/2014 15:31, Marina Latini a écrit :

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>> Oggetto: Re: Need info on sd/source/ui/accessibility.po for l10n
>> Looking at where they get used, they are the accessibility descriptions
>> for the things they describe, presentation pages and notes and so on. So
>> you'd need an accessibility tool to hear them read out as you select
>> them in the UI. Anyway, it looks completely safe to separate them with
>> spaces and remove the capitals etc, and just format them as natural for
>> your language. We should probably separate them in the English version
>> too.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and clear explanation :)


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