LibreOffice 4.3~alpha1 bibisect

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at
Thu May 15 05:12:23 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I just uploaded an update for the Canonical LibreOffice bibisect build on
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (precise) repo for the range from LibreOffice 4.2 branchpoint
to LibreOffice 4.3 alpha1 and uploaded the builds to You
find link and the usual info at:

When we hit LibreOffice 4.3 branchpoint (around the beta), I plan to update
again and merge the stuff into a "43all" repository, but for now you should be
able to do a good amount of bibisecting on master with this already.

@Cloph: I seem to have lost my creds for again,
could you mirror the file there and add those links to the wiki too?



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