patchview in gerrit - everyone happy or needs some bigger revamp?

Christian Lohmaier lohmaier at
Thu May 15 06:12:21 PDT 2014

Hi *,

is there still demand for a customized patchset view on gerrit?

a list lists the following items:

have important things on that page without JavaScript clicking
the commit message on top
the Review, Abandon, Rebase buttons right below that (removing the two
useless Diff-Buttons)
comments against the latest patch expanded (latest comment first)
older comments collapsed (thus taking no space)
the latest patchset including a full diff and all inline comments
delegate everything else to a 300px right-hand sidebar (a la
launchpads bugview layout1):
Owner, Branch, Topic, Dates, Reviewers, older versions of the change ...
=> This should allow ideally to review the change with one view, as
commit message, diff, relevant comments (if any) are all on one page
and visible from the start.

Is there demand, or are people happy with using the combination of
gitweb and gerrit's own patchview?

Any burning topics that you hate about gerrit's interface?


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