Configure fail on OS X 10.9 - Cannot create Makefile - Claims Ant too old and doesn't work

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Thu May 15 22:54:00 PDT 2014

By the way, that older thread you referred to contains this advice:

"In any case: If you really have fink/macports/darwinports installed:
Disable it for building LibreOffice, or be prepared to run into more
of those."

Is that true for you? At least you have a much newer Java than I even
knew existed, so at least you must have installed a bleeding-edge Java

The Java situation on OS X is, as I am sure you know, not simple.
Maybe it would be best if we would make it the default to build
without Java on OS X, so that only people who want to dig into all the
problems that Java-based tools can cause have to suffer from them.


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