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Mon May 19 09:29:45 PDT 2014

I'm not qualified to program anything in LibreOffice yet because I don't know C++.  I'm looking to change that.  I have programmed before in other languages.  I used to write non-GNU freeware in MS Visual BASIC 6.  However, that language is now obsolete, and LibreOffice isn't written in it anyway.  I also did some programming in REALbasic, which is now known as Xojo.  

However, none of that does me much good.  I need to learn C++.  I have two things I want to accomplish: 

1. Modify LibreOffice Writer's macro system -- specifically, I want to add hot keys that are not now available. 

2. I want to write standalone GUI-based apps for KDE-based Linux operating systems like Kubuntu.  

I may or may not make Macintosh and Windows versions of my standalone apps.  Linux is my first priority.  

When I was First learning VB6, a very good beginners book got me started.  I'm looking for the same for C++.  Here are a couple I'm considering:  

C++ Programming in Easy Steps

Jumping into C++, by Alex Allain -

If you have used either or both of these books and have insight on them, I'm all ears.  I need to start with something very basic to get a firm foundation before moving on to anything harder.  I wrote some good programs in VB6 and in REALbasic, but I also haven't programmed anything in about 8 years and am really rusty.  

For the standalone Linux apps, I may also consider Python because so much Linux material is written in that language.  I'll only do that if I have good reason to.  It would be much simpler if the language I learn for modifying LibreOffice ends up being fully useful for writing standalone Linux apps.  Your insight is appreciated.  

   Jumping into C++, by Alex Allain -
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   C++ Programming in Easy Steps C++ Programming in Easy Steps (9781840784329): Mike McGrath: Books  
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