l10n process, en_US version, Help files

Mat M matm at gmx.fr
Wed May 21 16:16:00 PDT 2014


Old thread revival !

Le Fri, 13 Dec 2013 10:01:05 +0100, Sophie <gautier.sophie at gmail.com> a  
>> * And... fixing !
>> Easy hacks or l10n sessions to fix that are both valid choices. We may
>> want to automate finding occurrences of text in the code. We began with
>> fdo#39439, but further steps are required.
> did you submit your work, is it now integrated?

So... I started with hrc and src files to end with .ui files, so it took  
longer than expected.
I managed to deliver the small site to openshift. It was painful but  
learning as well.
So you can test it here: http://lionss-codeornot.rhcloud.com/

Because of all the changes and the inital request, I am not sure this is  
what you expect.
Don't mind to provide use cases so I can improve my work.


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