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--- Comment #12 from Mat M <matm at gmx.fr> ---
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> Wow: this is awesome ! :-)
> I entered "Format code" (eg. a string from the Calc format dialog) and it
> took me straight to the code:
> That's awesome =) Thanks 1 Cloph may have some idea of how we can host this
> - perhaps put it on the same machine as OoenGrok ?

This is python, so I need an apache + wsgi + python2.7 and enough space to put
a core repo at hand.

> Is the code hosted somewhere ?
On Openshift for now. I plan to put it in dev-tools.

> Also - I think we should have a small piece of text that says: F_o_o (with
> the o underlined) is mangled as 'F_oo' to help people search for strings
> with accelerators.
Well, I always add the accelerator character to the search string, just in
case. That was in the specs: Handle accelerator transparently. We could tell
the user it can be omitted, though.

> There are other cases like menu items that we should prolly handle
> differently: there we need to search more deeply: in the officecfg to find a
> string, map that to a .uno:Foo thing, then map that to an SID_FOO_BAA_URL
> thing and onwards to SID_FOO_BAA into the code ...
Not that hard. It looks like the old hrc files system we had for dialogs, which
is already coded on the heroku version of the site. (BTW, is there plans to
move menu to ui system ?)
Anything else after menus and dialogs ? 

> But this is a great start!

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