[Bug 40469] Modifed Frame Style Options Not Preserved, "Keep Ratio" Option Unavailable

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--- Comment #12 from Gilvan Vilarim <gilvan.vilarim at gmail.com> ---
1 - Create or open a text document

2 - Go to Insert > Image > From File

3 - Choose an image and clik Open (note: this dialog box always chooses a
default frame style for graphics, which is "Graphics")
The image is inserted and you can use the Stylist to see that the frame style
"graphics" was applied automatically.

4 - Try to apply another frame style to image (e.g.: Formula). Select image and
double-click on a different frame style.

Expected behavior: the image should follow the attributes of the Formula style

Actual behavior: the new style is applied, but some attributes become grayed
inside the style (right-click on Formula frame style > Type); the image also
gets stretched/shrinked, and position parameteres (To... combobox) do not show
the same options as in other frame styles. It looks like an erratic behavior.

I guess frame styles should have the same behavior. The decision to use
Graphics, Formula, OLE (etc) styles should only be a matter of categorization.

What I (and many others) really need is: apply the same frame style to all
images inside a text document, then realign and anchor them to paragraphs, not
anchor to pages. I could not do that with styles.

Best regards,

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