Semi-automated ASCII art removal tool

Chris Laplante mostthingsweb at
Sat May 24 17:43:06 PDT 2014

Hi Kendy,
I've completed a sizable rewrite of the tool. Doxygen comment formatting
(both C and C++ style) is now preserved. As an added little bonus, the tool
detects comments containing Doxygen commands (e.g. @brief, \example) but
that are not formatted as Doxygen comments, and will suggest the fix.

For completeness here are the other major changes:
- Useless comment detection is much more accurate. It now searches for type
declarations directly after comments, and uses that information to determine
if a comment can be removed.
- Remembers decisions to ignore comments (by creating a persistence file in
the directory in which it is run)
- Command line arguments
- Better whitespace handling
- Lots of bugfixes

Enjoy -

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