Gsoc - Adobe Pagemaker import filter ( Week 1)

Anurag Kanungo anuragkanungo at
Mon May 26 07:03:03 PDT 2014


I'm working on implementing an Adobe Pagemaker import filter to convert pmd
documents to open document format.
I started working from the beginning of the month and have done the
following things:

   - Reverse Engineered about the encoding of various shapes ( line,
   rectangle, polygon, ellipse)  in the pmd file format, using oletoy.
   - Parsing of various shape transformations such as Rotation and Skew.
   - Implementation of proper geometry and output the shapes to open
   document format.
   - Currently, rotation is implemented for the shapes, I am in progress of
   implementing skew for them. So, that basic skeleton of all the shapes are
   ready and after that would implement the fill and other properties.

Anurag Kanungo
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