Richard PALO richard.palo at
Fri May 30 01:02:59 PDT 2014

Le 30/05/14 09:42, Stephan Bergmann a écrit :
> On 05/29/2014 06:05 PM, Richard PALO wrote:
>> Hi, guess I'm looking for hints on how to track down a startup problem
>> (attached is the screenshot)
> Is this a local LO build of your own?  If yes, how did you configure it?
>   What platform is this?

This is SunOS ABI=32 (illumos) using pkgsrc current and gcc 4.7
> $ ./configure --enable-ext-wiki-publisher --with-java --with-jdk-home=/opt/loc
> al/java/openjdk7 --with-ant-home= --enable-scripting-beanshell --enable-scriptin
> g-javascript --with-system-hsqldb --with-hsqldb-jar=/opt/local/lib/java/hsqldb18
> /hsqldb.jar --enable-debug --enable-selective-debuginfo=all --disable-gtk3 --dis
> able-kde4 --prefix=/opt/local/libreoffice4- --disable-ccache --enable-dbu
> s --disable-epm --disable-fetch-external --disable-firebird-sdbc --disable-gconf
>  --disable-gnome-vfs --disable-odk --disable-opengl --disable-randr-link --disab
> le-systray --disable-crashdump --disable-gio --enable-gstreamer --enable-lockdow
> n --enable-python=system --enable-ext-wiki-publisher --enable-ext-nlpsolver --wi
> th-alloc=system --with-compat-oowrappers --with-external-tar=/export/pub/pkgsrc/
> distfiles/libreoffice --with-fonts --with-lang=ALL --with-myspell-dicts --with-p
> arallelism=6 --with-boost-libdir=/opt/local/lib --with-system-libs --with-system
> -dicts --enable-scripting-beanshell --without-system-beanshell --enable-scriptin
> g-javascript --without-system-vigra --with-vendor=pkgsrc --without-doxygen --wit
> hout-junit --without-krb5 --without-gssapi --without-system-apache-commons --wit
> h-system-cppunit --without-system-jfreereport --without-system-npapi-headers --w
> ithout-system-sane ac_cv_path_SYSTEM_GENCCODE=/opt/local/sbin/genccode ac_cv_pat
> h_SYSTEM_GENCMN=/opt/local/sbin/gencmn --with-gnu-patch=/opt/local/bin/gpatch --
> with-gnu-cp=/opt/local/bin/gcp --srcdir=/var/tmp/pkgsrc/misc/libreoffice4/work/l
> ibreoffice- --enable-option-checking=fatal


>> Can't launch application.
>> component context fails to supply service
>> ...ModuleUIConfigurationManager of type
>> ...XModuleUIConfigurationManager2: an
>> error occured during file opening.
> program/services/services.rdb should record that UNO service
> is provided by the fwk
> library.
> Relevant places in the code are loadSharedLibComponentFactory
> (cppuhelper/source/shlib.cxx) that would load the fwk library (but this
> is called a lot, for all the different libs; uri would contain the file
> URL of the fwk lib) and
> ModuleUIConfigurationManager::ModuleUIConfigurationManager
> (framework/source/uiconfiguration/moduleuiconfigurationmanager.cxx)
> where the C++ object implementing the UNO service is instantiated.
>> anybody already come across this java problem?
> What makes you assume that it is a Java problem?

Sorry, perhaps a hasty assumption. guess '' threw me.

> Stephan

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