Presentation Video Bug - Need Dev/QA Feedback

Joel Madero at
Sat May 31 11:17:44 PDT 2014

We've had an extensive discussion on the QA channel about the above MAB
and we're looking for guidance.

Our findings are quite inconsistent - we're testing on multiple
platforms and some are seeing as a regression (comment 61), but I tested
on 3.3 and see the same result with avi files.

Additionally, with 3.5 when you try to insert avi files a dialog comes
up saying that the format is not supported - that dialog no longer comes up.

Then Jay has had success by installing some additional codecs in Xubuntu
but he gave me the list of packages he installed and I tried in Ubuntu
and did not have success.

So QA has some questions:
1. Should we close this particular bug as INVALID because it's a
disaster with comments and lots of different issues being posted?
2. Is this our bug at all?
3. Should we open individual bugs for each format that does not work?
4. Are there particular codecs that we should try to install?
5. Should we make a new bug report for each platform as there seems to
be difference between platforms (for instance no one has succeeded with
OSX but Jay had success with Xubuntu)

Thoughts appreciated,

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