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Sat Nov 1 23:00:01 PDT 2014


* Open changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

~~~~ First time contributors doing great things! ~~~~
+ "Fix fdo#84795 Menu, DropDown-List not disappears with right mouse click"
  in from juegen funk
  about module vcl
~~~~ End of freshness ~~~~

+ vcl: merge DrawPolyLineDirect() and drawPolyLineDirectNoAACheck()
  in from Chris Sherlock
  about module include, vcl
+ OpenGL ES does not support double and glPolygonMode
  in from Markus Mohrhard
  about module chart2
+ move the iOS SalGraphics code back into the OSX one
  in from Markus Mohrhard
  about module vcl
+ crashrep: get rid of tmpnam()
  in from Julien Nabet
  about module crashrep
+ Use rtl/character.hxx and dobjectize basiccharclass
  in from Arnaud Versini
  about module basic, include

* Merged changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ vcl: Refactor OutputDevice::TryDrawPolyLineDirect()
  in from Chris Sherlock
+ revert the KeyCode asserts
  in from Noel Grandin
+ second attempt at fixing my asserts
  in from Noel Grandin
+ vcl: rename OutputDevice::DrawPolyLineWithLineInfo() to drawPolyLine()
  in from Chris Sherlock
+ vcl: include variable names in definition of OutputDevice::DrawPolyLine()
  in from Chris Sherlock
+ SVG: handle visibility property
  in from Christina Roßmanith
+ tools & vcl: move OutputDevice::ImplRotatePos() to Point::RotateAbout()
  in from Chris Sherlock
+ fdo#78826 HIG: missing colons and capitalization in cui, filter
  in from Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
+ fdo#75256 Improve Sifr Icon Theme
  in from Matthias Freund
+ fix assert I added to KeyCode
  in from Noel Grandin
+ vcl/source: get rid of redundant svsys.h includes
  in from Douglas Mencken
+ fdo#84938: replace MIB_ constants with enum
  in from Noel Grandin
+ related to #fdo71248 - ActiveDocument not tracking ThisWordDoc
  in from Justin Luth
+ Fixed license encoding to have all the same apple_remote/source/*
  in from Andrea Gelmini
+ TANGO: Updated formatting icons and moved old tango sources to human
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ fdo#60349 - FORMATTING: Icon in Calc toolbar for wrap text
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ SIFR: Adding new icons for page break & number and footnote and fixing ot
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ add some asserts to validate KeyCode values
  in from Noel Grandin

* Abandoned changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ Resolves fdo#85589 CRASH - datapilot crash
  in from Julien Nabet

* Open changes needing tweaks, but being untouched for more than a week:

+ jvmfwk: Apple & Oracle's JRE detection for OS X 10.8+
  in from Robert Antoni Buj i Gelonch
+ HIG-ification of GSoC Color Picker dialog
  in from Olivier Hallot
+ WIP: fdo#43090: Add an option to disable autoclose brackets
  in from Marcos Paulo de Souza
+ convert ScHint ID's to an enum
  in from Noel Grandin
+ fdo#39625 Make existing CppUnittests work
  in from Tobias Madl
+ fdo#58194 - export DOCX Automatic indent as firstLine indent
  in from Joren De Cuyper
+ WIP (do not merge): remove custom impl of bidirectional list
  in from Chris Laplante
+ fdo#83003 Startcenter: No method for returnin Recent Docs
  in from Efe Gürkan Yalaman
+ fdo#82335.
  in from Sudarshan Rao
+ fdo#81956 : Rendering of vml group shape was wrong.
  in from sushil_shinde
+ fdo#79018: LO hangs while opening file.
  in from Yogesh Bharate
+ fdo#81426 : Data from header and footer is getting lost.
  in from Rajashri Udhoji
+ fdo#79541 :Corrupt: Shape  enclosed within a floating table
  in from Rajashri Udhoji
+ fdo#80996:Fix for DataLabel not preserved for ColumnChart after RT
  in from Dushyant Bhalgami
+ fdo#77121 Header / Footer positions not preserved after RT
  in from Priyanka Gaikwad


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