Useless includes (maybe...)

Riccardo Magliocchetti riccardo.magliocchetti at
Wed Nov 5 03:03:27 PST 2014

Hi Andrea,

Il 05/11/2014 11:37, Andrea Gelmini ha scritto:
> Hi everybody,
>    and thanks a lot for you work.
>    With an ignorant approach (bash, grep, make & friends) I have found

Is it the same approach as ?

As you may see later in the comments a tool called iwyu is mentioned, 
that's an experimental tool from some google people that leverage clang 
instead of the unix cli for the same purpose. Hopefully it's a bit more 
reliable. *Coincidentally* few hours ago the build bits got applied to 
master so it's super easy to run it:

See my comments for more details on how to use that:

If you are interested you are more than welcome to partecipate in the 
epic mission of reducing libo build times. So if you are inclined to do 
some work in the area just play with the tool and post patches to 
gerrit. Any coordination could be done in bugzilla, here on ml or on irc.

> this list of includes I can remove from the tree without problems for
> compiling (just on Linux, actually).

the huge ios specific block looks suspicious for a chunk of code you can 
build on a mac only :)

>    Probably is full of false positive, but maybe you can find useful info.
>    Anyway, I'm trying to test this with Buildbot to see if it works
> also for Windows and Mac.

Quite sure something will break :)


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