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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Thu Nov 6 02:48:46 PST 2014

Hi guys,

	Sorry to bounce in and out again; but I merged your adaptations of the
Idle API pieces to master last night, and added a few bits on top that
we badly need just now to stabilize profiling =) That will be in 4.4.
However, not got a lot more time to invest here this week.

	Of course - there is a lot more API work needed and then we need to
hook up your nice new priority based system there.

	Also - in reading that code, I can't help noticing it is an abomination
in so many ways =)

	As well as adding priorities - I think we need to do this:

	* unify Timer and ImplTimerData state ...
		+ we should prolly move all the 'protected' state
		  data except for the Impl pointer into ImplTimerData
		+ and prolly call that member pImpl for good measure

	* ImplTimerData / linked list
		+ this is an abomination =)
		+ certainly there are re-enterancy hazards here and
		  having the Impl lifecycle de-coupled via the
		  'mbDeleted' thing makes some sense but ...
		+ manual linked list manipulation is a horror.
		+ it'd be good to re-work that to use a std::list or

	* ImplTimerData / linked list
		+ it seems crazy to me not to have that list sorted
		  by deadline and/or priority - so to find work we
		  can just pop it off the queue; is it ? 

	Of course, it'd be great to have these all as separate easy-to-review /
re-factor commits.

	Otherwise - really looking forward to having the API pushed across the
code; then proper priorities and all the other good bits from your work
in there.

	Hope that helps,


 michael.meeks at  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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