master build fails in calcoptionsdlg.cxx

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Sun Nov 9 01:26:23 PST 2014

> > Why? I was thinking that opencl was useful only when you have a
> > "separated" graphic card (sorry, I don't know the right wording in
> English).

Whether OpenCL is useful, or even available, on a machine or not, and
whether OpenCL-related code is compiled, are separate things. We check
OpenCL availability at run-time, and even when available, the intent is
that we check whether the implementation possibly is known to not be good
enough, at run-time.

(But sure, yeah, we also have the --enable-opencl configure-time switch,
and I guess that suggesting to get rid of it would be seen by "users" as a

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