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* Open changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

~~~~ First time contributors doing great things! ~~~~
+ fdo#85912 Delete surrounding text failing for input method calls regressi
  in from Justin Luth
  about module sw
+ fdo#85594 show row and column insert and removal buttons and hiding other
  in from Yousuf Philips
  about module sc
+ fdo#86035 added menu items for shapes and text box and did small rearrang
  in from Yousuf Philips
  about module officecfg, sc, sd, sw
+ gbuild: introduce add_objcxxflags_exception_object/objects
  in from Douglas Mencken
  about module sal, solenv
+ Fix common typos. No automatic tools. Handmade…
  in from Andrea Gelmini
  about module android, avmedia, basctl, basic, bin, bridges, build, canvas, chart2, cli_ure, comphelper, compilerplugins, connectivity, cppuhelper, crashrep, dbaccess, desktop, editeng, embeddedobj, embedserv, eventattacher, extensions, external, filter, forms, fpicker, framework, hwpfilter, i18nlangtag, i18npool, include, instsetoo_native, javaunohelper, jurt, jvmfwk, linguistic, lotuswordpro, odk, offapi, officecfg, oox, package, pyuno, qadevOOo, readlicense_oo, registry, reportbuilder, reportdesign, ridljar, sal, sc, scaddins, scp2, scripting, sd, setup_native, sfx2, shell, slideshow, solenv, sot, starmath, stoc, svl, svtools, svx, sw, test, toolkit, tools, tubes, ucb, ucbhelper, udkapi, unodevtools, unotools, uui, vcl, winaccessibility, wizards, writerfilter, xmerge, xmlhelp, xmloff, xmlsecurity
~~~~ End of freshness ~~~~

+ never wonder if sun is not sun
  in from Takeshi Abe
  about module include
+ HIG fixes for sfx2
  in from Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
  about module sfx2
+ Use rtl/character.hxx and de-objectize basiccharclass
  in from Arnaud Versini
  about module basic, include
+ fdo#39468 Translate German Comments - replace '//!' with '//FIXME:' - 1st
  in from Christian M. Heller
  about module sc
+ fdo#86018 Don't do anything when clicked on placeholder in statusbar
  in from Samuel Mehrbrodt
  about module sc, sw

* Merged changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ CJK Numbered list test cases for ooxmlimport and ww8import.
  in from Mark Hung
+ fdo#86048 Add delete row and column entries to Edit menu
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ fdo#85594 hiding, unhiding and rearranging standard toolbar buttons in Ca
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ fdo#75256 Improve sifr icontheme
  in from Matthias Freund
+ HIG fixes in sw
  in from Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
+ fdo#86050 Let LibreOffice add scrollbars to widgets only when necessary
  in from Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
+ SIFR: add new symbol icons and update list icons
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ fdo#86046 Addition of sheet grid lines toggle to view menu
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ fdo#81475 Disabling background color in enabling some other buttons
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ OpenGL ES does not support double and glPolygonMode
  in from Markus Mohrhard

* Abandoned changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:


* Open changes needing tweaks, but being untouched for more than a week:

+ Perftest for loading autocorrect dictionaries, related fdo#79761
  in from Matúš Kukan
+ android: Show document browser back in the menu
  in from Jacobo Aragunde Pérez
+ coverity#1242459 Identical code for different branches
  in from Caolán McNamara
+ jvmfwk: Apple & Oracle's JRE detection for OS X 10.8+
  in from Robert Antoni Buj i Gelonch
+ HIG-ification of GSoC Color Picker dialog
  in from Olivier Hallot
+ WIP: fdo#43090: Add an option to disable autoclose brackets
  in from Marcos Paulo de Souza
+ fdo#39625 Make existing CppUnittests work
  in from Tobias Madl
+ fdo#58194 - export DOCX Automatic indent as firstLine indent
  in from Joren De Cuyper
+ WIP (do not merge): remove custom impl of bidirectional list
  in from Chris Laplante
+ fdo#82335.
  in from Sudarshan Rao
+ fdo#81956 : Rendering of vml group shape was wrong.
  in from sushil_shinde
+ fdo#79018: LO hangs while opening file.
  in from Yogesh Bharate
+ fdo#81426 : Data from header and footer is getting lost.
  in from Rajashri Udhoji
+ fdo#79541 :Corrupt: Shape  enclosed within a floating table
  in from Rajashri Udhoji
+ fdo#80996:Fix for DataLabel not preserved for ColumnChart after RT
  in from Dushyant Bhalgami
+ fdo#77121 Header / Footer positions not preserved after RT
  in from Priyanka Gaikwad


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