[Bug 38829] Add fractional inches to units

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Tue Nov 18 13:50:09 PST 2014


--- Comment #13 from Omar Syed <osyed94 at gmail.com> ---
Hi everyone. My team and I believe we have figured out where to start to fix
this bug.  We are targeting the dialog boxes within the "Position and Size"
menu when you right-click on a a shape in Draw.  We are going to change those
so that a user can type in a fraction or mixed number and it will convert that
to inches.  The path of the file we are working on is
/core/tree/cui/source/tabpages/transfrm.cxx.  Does anyone know if there are
other files that need to be changed or have any tips on how to go about doing
so?  Let me know.  Thanks

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