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--- Comment #235 from tommy27 <barta at quipo.it> ---
The LibO 4.2.x branch reached today it's end of life (EOL) and will be no
longer supported.

This meta-bug is going to be closed, so please do not add any new bug here.

If you find a bug which qualifies as a most annoying bug (MAB) according to
these criterias ( https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/Most_Annoying_Bugs)
and is still reproducible in current LibO 4.3.x branch, please add it to the
mab4.3 list (Bug 75025).

All the unfixed existing mab4.2 will be now reviewed and if still reproducible,
moved to that list as well.

For the record here's the full list of the residual 4.2.x MABs at the time I'm

Bug 34467: FORMATTING Fit to Frame for text boxes is broken  
Bug 34957: ODT containing multi-page table with table setting "Keep with next
paragraph" is pushed to next page  
Bug 36799: If you insert an envelope into a document only the envelope is
printed (Mac OS X)  
Bug 37223: Target for paste cells from column in Calc into TABLE will be single
cell instead of column  
Bug 37315: cropped pictures in .docx file are mangled and in wrong place  
Bug 40780: Impress Custom Animation Sound Effect not audible in Slide Show  
Bug 40907: FILEOPEN: concurrent access to AFP shared files impossible - total
lock on file  
Bug 41169: All hotkeys are language dependent, don't work in non-Latin keyboard
Bug 42346: FILESAVE: Cross-references to numbered items (object, graphic,
table) turn to plain text on export to .doc or .docx  
Bug 44621: EDITING: Drag and drop images into Writer opens Draw (OS X >= 10.7)  
Bug 44725: VIEWING: Heading - Footer - Pagebreak lines appear somewhere in the
Bug 46447: Embedded Pictures disappear from Presentation (ODP) [Summary:
comment#58, comment#67. Temporary advise: comment#69]  
Bug 47148: image caching / management is utterly shambolic  
Bug 67583: FILEOPEN: File not opening (win only)  
Bug 67624: FILESAVE: Writer hangs after saving a big document  
Bug 73270: FILESAVE: images lost after saving to new file name and immediately
exporting to PDF  
Bug 48409: FILEOPEN LibO 3.3 documents shows Writer OLE object contents shifted
right / down in object after edit of object because of page border issue  
Bug 49102: Writer: Incorrect numbering when cells are merged in the table  
Bug 49853: EDITING: Attempting paste into find bar with Edit:Paste (or Cmd-V on
OS X) pastes into document  
Bug 50057: EDITING: Replication of frames when record changes (redlining) is on 
Bug 50430: FILEOPEN: Can't Open .uop file  
Bug 53228: [Task]: FILEOPEN .ods / .ots spreadsheet from former LibO version or
OOo shows graphic elements at wrong position  
Bug 53473: Embedded HSQLDB calls flush (CHECKPOINT) too often  
Bug 54398: FILESAVE: DOC files created in LO lose drawings (anchored as
character probably - and grouped?) after field update in MS Word 2007  
Bug 54933: EDITING Report builder: mouse-move control: gap between mouse
Bug 55018: FILESAVE and FILEOPEN: Joined cells in table cause table distortion
after save to doc and docx and reopen in LO  
Bug 56394: FILEOPEN - FILESAVE: very slow opening of .xlsx and freeze when
Bug 57215: Wrong text rotation in SVG Export (rotated text appears as
Bug 58691: PIVOTTABLE: export to Excel 2007/2010 breaks functionality  
Bug 59613: RTL VIEWING: Increasing size of dialogs to right or bottom causes
Bug 59886: FILESAVE as .docx: Date (fixed), Time (fixed) fields become static
field name text  
Bug 59918: FILESAVE: FILEOPEN: save document as docx and reopen result in an
freeze/endless loop  
Bug 60268: FORMATTING: Square root and cdot are not correct displayed under
Windows 8  
Bug 60533: Brackets (..),{..},[..] inverted )..(,}..{,]..[ when switch to RTL
text direction with all fonts (Affect : calc, impress, draw).  
Bug 60589: [Template manager]: Can not copy styles between different files and
Bug 62073: editing/formatting: pasting formatted font messes up formatting of
Bug 63483: UI: FILESAVE with 'Open file read-only' not offered in Draw and
Bug 64490: LibO Writer text highligthing not compatible with MS Word DOC and
DOCX (highlighting transforms to background color)  
Bug 64945: inconvenient localized symbol code  
Bug 66209: inserting/deleting rows: data integrity problem when sum of the
charts of the opened documents exceeds the Options->Memory->Number of objects  
Bug 66232: FILEOPEN: cannot open .odt files by clicking on a hyperlink in IE  
Bug 67347: FILEOPEN: MS .pptx Textbox size imported wrong size  
Bug 67379: Problems changing focus to inside frame  
Bug 67534: FILEOPEN SMB File claimed to be "Locked By Unknown User" when opened
via double-click in Explorer if LO Explorer Shell Extensions are installed  
Bug 67712: form controls and draw objects anchored to cell but changes position
after reopening  
Bug 68604: FILESAVE: part of the comment text is lost in .docx using "save"
toolbar button or "save" menu item  
Bug 68806: SIDEBAR: Wrong Paragraph spacing values after activating the
Properties pane  
Bug 69495: FORMATTING: Toggling off bold/italic does not turn it off, but
instead applies no-bold/no-italic. This messes up any style afterwards that has
bold/italic in it (until Clear Direct Formatting is used).  
Bug 69593: FILEOPEN: PPTX import with shapes causes text to disappear  
Bug 70223: Chart not exported to PDF  
Bug 70809: [EDITING] Selecting with mouse: too fast changing to next/previous
Bug 71278: UI mouse pointer disappears during presentation and does not come
back after exiting presentation  
Bug 71409: Excessive duplicate accessible focused events for Calc input line
Bug 72072: text not rendered fully (cut off) when editing 90deg rotated
Bug 72075: EDITING: undo leads to duplication for operations that involve of
drag-and-drop (Slide pane, text areas)  
Bug 72504: EDITING: Unable to edit .odb file with non-local URL  
Bug 72604: Fax-Wizard - Personal Data are only partial adopted  
Bug 72628: Different font substitutes used for view in Writer vs. export for
Bug 72776: FILEOPEN writer doesn't show the chart numbers nor parts of this
docx file  
Bug 73805: EDITING: Layout Loop when writing into a section with 3 columns  
Bug 73998: EDITING: Calc crash copying text in Input Bar from and
pasting to 4.1, also pasting from 4.2.5.dev to  
Bug 74124: Pictures in Writer look ugly on the screen  
Bug 74934: 'Install' button in update dialog is never activated  
Bug 75137: Can't Move Cursor Between Footnotes with Up/Down Arrow Keys. Need to
Click with Mouse  
Bug 75209: FILEOPEN: Impress pictures not displayed in slideshow  
Bug 75467: OS X integration: selecting a file in Open File dialog adds resource
fork, changes size and mod date  
Bug 75694: FILESAVE: Comments lost on export to .docx  
Bug 76239: OpenSymbol font is not retained after an upgrade  
Bug 76324: CALC becomes very slow with 5000+ comments  
Bug 76389: Calc: Used AutoFilter not highlighted when set in Calc and saved as
Bug 76595: FILESAVE: After deleting an image in a loaded file, it reappears in
saved odf.  
Bug 76995: MAILMERGE: Wrong record Number in Mailing  
Bug 77479: Calc: State of AutoFilter lost after sorting  
Bug 77592: FILEOPEN: LibO 4.2.x incorrectly changes row height  
Bug 78370: RTF File Imported Incorrectly - Pages Being Merged (Overlapping)  
Bug 79332: self-contained pivot table, dataloss after after save and reopen  
Bug 79395: Grid lines messed up when editing certain spreadsheet file  
Bug 79538: PRINTING: Images move when printing/creating PDF  
Bug 79546: OSX - no video playback in slideshow fullscreen display mode on OSX
Bug 79569: CRASH after undoing multi-line cell merge  
Bug 81056: docx export of ducks beaks MS Import ...  
Bug 81396: XLSX IMPORT: Data plots in chart not visible when cells have
formula, needs Ctrl+Shift+F9 (Steps in Comment 5)  
Bug 81416: FILESAVE - writing to external storage corrupts ODF file  
Bug 81806: EDITING: Document corruption and crash when editing tables  
Bug 84556: FILEOPEN: formula error reading an xls file

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