Building on MAC OS-X 10.10 fails - Java Runtime missing

Adam Fyne adam.fyne at
Wed Nov 19 07:54:24 PST 2014


I'm trying to build now on a totally fresh clean Macbook,
after I've installed whatever was needed.
(went with the easy approach, but was missing JDK and
ANT so I've installed them separatly).

After cloning, autogen & make - I get these unit-test errors:

All the unit-tests seem to come from 'dbaccess'.
I also see this line in the output:
"No Java runtime present, requesting install."

Wasn't JDK 64-bit enough ?

In the installation guide for Mac
<> it said
that only if autogen
asks if I want to install JRE - I should accept, so I've assumed
it is not missing, since autogen did not complain about it.


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