SalGraphics::mirror() question

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Sun Nov 23 14:40:32 PST 2014

Chris Sherlock wrote:
> 1. Why is this necessary?
Dunno - that question should go to the committer, if the context is
not clear. ;)

> 2. What is the difference between SalGraphics::GetGraphicsWidth() and
> OutputDevice::GetOutWidthPixel()?
The SalGraphics is the underlying operating system graphics primitive,
so its size might be much bigger than the Window and/or VDev you have
at hand. For the OutputDevice, if mnOutOffX/mnOutOffY is non-zero,
then GetOutputWidthPixel/GetOutputHeightPixel (I presume you meant
those?) will likely be smaller than the size returned by SalGraphics.
VCL Windows are 'lightweight', in that they reuse operating system
windows, by e.g. adjusting output offsets and clips.

For VirtualDevices, you are most probably right, those values will be


-- Thorsten
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