Who knows of a free UML tool to work with libreoffice?

Andrew Douglas Pitonyak andrew at pitonyak.org
Fri Nov 21 07:20:50 PST 2014


Can you clarify your request?

Do you simply need a free UML tool, something that allows you to model 
UML from within LO, or something to create UML for use by the official 
LO project?

Some years back, I found a UML to a project that directed that open 
source tools be used. If I remember correctly, we chose ArgoUML. That 
was sufficiently long ago that there are likely new options.


My preferred UML package for general use is Enterprise Architect by Sparx.


The thing that I liked about their software is that they have a version 
that is price accessible to individual developers. For example, the 
Desktop version is $135. My complaint with the desktop version is that 
it does not support code import / export, and it is nice to be able to 
point at a block of code and then import it into UML class diagrams. 
That is supported by the professional version for $199. Even in a 
corporate setting I have not found the extra features overly compelling 
(because last I checked [8 years ago, so this may have changed], the 
ability to use a DBMS as the back-end stored an XML blob representing 
large chunks of the diagram so that multiple people could not edit 
"near" portions at the same time, they had to be totally separate 


The Sparx product (when I last evaluated, which was when their top 
version was the Corporate Edition), it did not come close to packages 
such as Rational Rose with respect to things like integration with 
multiple levels of development at the cost thousands of dollars. On the 
other hand, if you primarily are interested in UML, it is pretty 
comprehensive and their bang for the buck (so to speak) is very high.

The Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) program is able to generate very 
nice reports that you can then edit inside of LO, but, they don't 
round-trip back into EA. I expect that any of the products, free or 
otherwise, will allow you to generate some sort of artifact that you can 
then embed in an LO document, but, the standard UML packages will likely 
not create something that integrates with LO or allows round-tripping 
the data (create in tool, edit in LO, bring back into the tool).

Interested if you do find something that does integrate.

If you are interested in direct integration, then you will need to use 
Draw and do all the work yourself

For example:

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