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Anthonys Lists antlists at
Wed Nov 26 16:30:10 PST 2014

On 26/11/2014 23:16, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> I wonder if it is politically controversial to be seen as "supporting" 
> a markup language, though, the antithesis to WYSIWYG... Even if it is 
> a quite new and minimal markup language, that doesn't pretend to be 
> even close to full-featured (like troff or TeX).
> I can imagine the reaction among the trolling population, "oh, so 
> LibreOffice developers don't like their own software, but prefer to 
> write their documentation in this sixties-style markup language, ha ha 
> ha".
Actually, the KILLER feature of WordPerfect was always its markup mode. 
And the sooner we can get that (reveal codes) working in Writer, the 
better!!! Okay, I might be an old-school typist, but imho pure wysiwyg 
is an AWFUL idea. Dragging stuff around with a mouse is an awful way of 
getting stuff in the right place!

I've spent my own money on WordPerfect in the past, and would do so 
again if I had the money to spare - that feature is THAT important to 
me. Unfortunately, because MS view WP as dangerous competition, my old 
copies don't work (very well) any more. Seriously, markup-mode IS a 
killer feature. (Unfortunately, today's vulgate have never known 
anything other than wysiwyg and don't know what they're missing :-(


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