getting help with bug 86843 - VBA crashing LO with fireChangeEvent

Justin Luth justin_luth at
Sat Nov 29 09:06:36 PST 2014

I'm stuck in trying to fix

bug summary:  when VBA code makes changes to a textbox value, the
textbox_change() function is triggered and then, especially under linux,
LibreOffice abruptly exits. 

I've reviewed a lot of gdb traces looking for a common failure spot, but
it hasn't gotten me very far.  The code is also very complicated at this
point with broadcasts, and likely listeners- lots of stuff that I am not
understanding and process flow that I can't follow. 

I would appreciate some pointers on how to tackle this kind of problem. 
(I've fixed a few simple bugs in LO so far, but this one is a lot
bigger.)  One possible would be to temporarily remove the
fireChangeEvent from linux builds until the underlying problem is
fixed.  (I don't want to add a regression for platforms where this is
more stable - maybe someone is depending on this "feature" that was
added in 4.1).


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