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Hi Nicholas, *,

On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 2:50 PM, nicholas ferguson
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>> Where is it mentioned how not to keep downloading the tar files? for
>> 3rd party dependencies.  That alone is a HUGE COST OF
>> discover how to turn that off.
>>>      The automatic download saves manually downloading 70 or so individual dependencies; you can argue that it sucks (and it does) - but doing that manually sucks more =)

The high cost of entry only comes because you just didn't follow the
instructions on setting up a windows build system.

Yes, you need to install some stuff. But all you have to do is to read
and copy'n'paste the commands.

> A build for a newcomer has to be run three or four times?  Why should the tar files get downloaded four times?  How does a newcomer turn it off after the first download?

The page suggests default parameters, amogst them is:

And also: If you just go wild and delete everything from your sources
again and again, then even when not using a separate directory, the
files would not be redownloaded over and over.

Don't blame the buildsystem or the documentation when you deliberately
chose to do your own thing/actively work against it.


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