Anti-Virus vendors & warnings

nicholas ferguson nicholasferguson at
Thu Oct 2 05:10:34 PDT 2014

> If it needs forensics to find out what was blocked, then the
> av-solution is crap

	My thesis is that all av-solutions are deeply flawed =)

> So only way is to do as already written in the buildinstructions and
> common sense when actually looking at the AV-solutions' reports:
> Disable monitoring for the build. Not only will that not break the
> build, but also save some cycles for actually compiling stuff instead
> of checking lots of intermediate files.

	I'd love to have some easy way of detecting any AV solution. I
doing something like this:

[nicholas ferguson] 
That is not a solution for 2014.  In the news you can read about groups of
people grabbing a ton of info from governments, companies...illegally
through some transport/internet protocols. 
So major companies have strict rules that even a developer cannot touch
their anti-virus settings.  Or if they try... they get dismissed.
So your solution  prevents that type of developer from working with

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